Federal budgets have a huge impact on our work.
How can you help?

Your help is needed to improve the science budget situation. For this reason we ask you to contact your Representative or Senator today to make our concerns heard. Useful information and tips how to do this can be found at the APS webpage: HERE [APS.org]. Occasionally this webpage offers the opportunity to send pre-written letters to your Representative or Senator. The UEC will inform the ALS Users' if such an opportunity comes up. In this case you may make minor edits to the subject line and the first line of the text of each email so that these emails become more individualized. Emails from constituents have a real impact on the decisions made in Congress. If you are willing to continue your advocacy efforts we recommend to do a follow-up phone call to your Senators’ or Representative’s office.

Additionally, a set of coordinated visits are being made to Congressional members in their home districts. Scientists from various institutions and university campuses are planning joint visits to members' offices when the members are home for the holidays. If you'd like to join one of those visits, contact the APS Washington Office [email link]

Use this link to contact your representative. There you can find pre-written messages to your Senators and Representatives. You may send these letters as they are, modify them, or write your own.

Webpage Pointers:

  • While individualizing your letter is not essential, we ask that you make minor edits to the subject line and the first line of the text of each email.
  • If you are a government employee, please do not use government resources to send a communication.
  • Your browser will take you to a page where you will enter your name and address.
  • After entering your address, click the "Edit/Send Email button." A window with an individual email message to the four offices will appear. Click "Send Emails" to transmit the communication.
  • Electronic submission is preferred.
  • For further help, write to opa@aps.org.