ALS Whatsapp guideline

To join the ALS Whatsapp "ALS Beamtime Buddies" group, scan the QR code available on the ALS floor, or contact the ALS UEC.

ALS Whatsapp guideline

The following guidelines are for onsite ALS users who use the online ALS WhatsApp platforms in order to connect with each other while at the ALS facility. Content that is published on the ALS WhatsApp channel should be respectful, considerate, and stay on topic.

This channel is offered, managed and maintained by the ALS User Executive Committee (UEC). The UEC respects different opinions and hopes to foster dialogue within our social media presence. However, the UEC reserves the right to monitor content posted on its platform, and considers outside of the purpose of such communication channel comments that:

  • Contain obscene, indecent, or profane language;

  • Contain threats or defamatory statements;

  • Contain hate speech directed at race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, ethnicity, age, religion, or disability;

  • Contain sensitive or personally identifiable information;

  • Promote illegal activity

  • Comprise support for or opposition to political campaigns or ballot measures

The UEC reserves the right to sanction misuse of the ALS WhatsApp group by banning users who violate any of the rules stated above. Any user can report inappropriate contents by contacting the ALS UEC at

Additional Guidelines:

  1. If there’s a report of misuse, the UEC will immediately remove the user engaging in misuse. This action will be taken immediately by the UEC upon being informed of the misuse. The UEC, however, is not responsible for continually monitoring the channel and thus will rely on notifications of misconduct from other users of the channel.

  2. The UEC will regularly check on the channel for violations, although not continually. Again, the UEC will rely on reports of misconduct from other users.

  3. If a user is found in violation of the misconduct rules, the user will be immediately removed and banned from the channel. The banned user has the right to contact the UEC to inquire as to why the decision of banning was made.

  4. We will have a platform to gather anonymous complaints, which will be a Google form.

  5. The UEC will determine 3 people on the committee who will be tasked with dealing with these efforts.