ALS UEC Members

  • Inna Vishik – Chair (Elections Committee)

  • Quentin Williams – Vice Chair

  • Tamas Varga – Secretary (Student Travel Award)

  • Sophie Morley - Secretary (Student Travel Award)

  • Devin Grabner - Webmaster (User Meeting Organizer)

  • Connor Bischak (Student Travel Award)

  • Wendy Gu (User Meeting Organizer)

  • Yu He (User Meeting Organizer)

  • Sharon Bone (Poster Competition)

  • Aidan Coffey (Poster Competition)

  • Whitney Loo (Awards Committee)

  • Leonid Sheps (Awards Committee)

  • Alexander Baker (Elections Committee)

  • Ming Yi (Elections Committee (Past Chair))

Members of the 2023 Advanced Light Source (ALS) Users’ Executive Committee. Front, left to right: Ming Yi, Sharon Bone, Wendy Gu, Inna Vishik, Leonid Sheps, Yu He. Back, left to right: Tamas Varga, Connor Bischak, Aidan Coffey, Whitney Loo, Devin Grabner, Quentin Williams. Not pictured: Alexander Baker and Sophie Morley. (Credit: Thor Swift/Berkeley Lab)

More information: New UEC Members for 2023 (ALS News)